There is big difference in the way gay and straight men perceive themselves. Call our hotline from the comfort of your home anytime, anyplace to meet gay men who live in your area.

How do these responses affect how you relate to a man?  What are the biggest differences between gay people and straight people? Based on stereotypes, I suspect the first thing most people would say is that gay men are more promiscuous than the straight average. Gay men sleep around much more than straight men. That's true, isn't it? Even gay people would admit that, right?  

Studies have shown this is actually not true.  It is important to note that gay men are no hornier than their heterosexual counterparts. Research has found that the sex drives of gay and heterosexual men are equally high. This tells us that any difference in number of partners is not due to gay men having increased sexual urges; rather, it is probably a reflection of the fact that men are generally more interested in casual sex than women. Thus, heterosexual men may lag behind slightly because they do not have as many opportunities—not because they are any less interested in sex.