Being bisexual comes with its own positives and negatives. Yes, we get the benefit of lots of love and attraction opportunities. But on the other end, while gay guys can be targeted for rejection and get cruel comments and actions from the straight community, bisexual men can get this cruelty from both the straight community and the gay community. This puts them in an interesting spot sometimes as far as disclosure for booty calls go. With potential judgment from multiple directions, sometimes it is harder for bisexual men to feel comfortable and at home.

Our gay phone dating hotline is a great place to find a home. With a fantastic screening and search function, you can find the matches you are looking for. What better way to search for what you need than a site that lets people know what it’s other members are looking for? If they don’t fit your needs or desires, simply move on to the next person. If they seem they could be worth it, you should give them a shot. Booty calls can be good for that, ha.

Seriously though, when you are looking for love or casual sex, it can be stressful going out and sifting through judgmental people to find the ones that accept you for who you are. Our site is perfect for this. Take a look at our amazing search options and avoid people who are judgmental. It gets you a much higher match rate than a bar will, that’s for sure.

Lastly, to keep our community safe and harassment-free, we have a reporting system. If people are pushing too hard to meet or saying nasty things to you because you are bisexual, they can easily be blocked. You can then let us know through our reporting system so we can take action to make sure you feel safe and protected using our gay phone dating service.

Take advantage of our service today and experience the best in gay phone dating.