The older people get, the more it seems the advice they give tends more towards “live your life and enjoy the time you have,” and less towards recommending life that is full of work-oriented accomplishment. Taking the time to enjoy life should be a priority for most people, and while dating it can (and should) be for you too. Looking to get to that in person date too quickly can sometimes seem to others that you are not engaged in the moment, but you are merely moving through the moment to get to another one.
Good phone dating advice or gay men, and for everyone, is to take the time to be part of the conversation when it happens. Make sure you are listening to what your potential new partner is saying, repeating some things back to them, and asking questions. Dating is about getting to know the other person, every time you chat is a fantastic opportunity to do so.
Again, a discussion about needs and wants can go a long way in figuring out a good pace for your new potential partner and yourself. Most of the time, somewhere between the third and sixth phone date tends to be an ideal spot to bring up the possibility of an in-person meetup. Be subtle, be tactful, and try not to throw yourself at your potential date too soon.
Dating is a process, and very few people meet the person that they want to be with for the rest of their lives and decide on the very first date. Also, phone dating is a perfect way to sift through a larger number of people to find what they are looking for. Keep an open mind and remember that giving people an opportunity to get to know you, and for you to know them, can lead to surprising relationships with people that you would not have thought about dating otherwise. Love can come from unexpected places, take the time to engage with the wide variety of gay men that are on our service looking to date.