Let me break “gay phone dating” down, motherfucker. Here’s the 5 tips on how to be the best date as a gay man:

1) Never talk about your ex. Talking about your ex symbolizes that you still aren’t over them. So leave that out!

2) Don’t be afraid to talk. Talk about yourself and try to keep your accomplishments to a minimum as you may come off conceited. Talk about fun, interesting things such as funny stories that are relatable to the topic. Being funny is a great ice breaker that charms your date at the very same time.

3) Be sure to listen very well and ask questions. Essentially, be engaging and not a fucking wall. Show emotions through your voice and tone. Be sure to laugh – all these things show how you’re engrossed in the other person.

4) With an in-person date a goodnight kiss or good-morning fuck is totes up to you. If you want to leave him with a kiss then do so, but if  you want to fuck then be my guest. That is totally your call. If the date was REALLY good – I would fuck. If the date was great – I’d leave him with a hot make-out session. If the date is bad – RUN! With phone dating, the date can often lead to phone sex and why the fuck not?! I’d say if you’re enjoying yourself don’t let the fun stop.

5) Always – and I mean ALWAYS – text the guy after the date and say how great it was. That is a must because it shows how much you care which will make his heart melt. No matter what you label yourself as – dominant or submissive – a polite “Thank you for a great time tonight. I had fun and you are amazing. I would like to talk with you again so let me know when the next time you’re free. Goodnight (insert name here), talk to you soon!” is the best way to show how classy and polite you are.

These tips are definitely going to help you on your first phone date or on any date. So, be sure to memorize them and enforce them the next time you’re on a hot date.

So, gays, what problems have you encountered when it came to dating? Give the chat lines a call and experience phone dating whenever you want!