When people say that first impressions are a big deal, they are definitely right. Many people, either consciously or unconsciously, make judgments based on the first time they meet someone. Homo chat is no different. Never fear though, not only are the people on a gay dating line more adventurous and less judgmental than other places to meet people, there is some great advice out there when it comes to making a good first impression when using gay phone chat.

For some men, there’s nothing more attractive than a guy that knows what he wants. Think about you what you want, and how you want to express it, then go for it. Make sure when you talk you are speaking clearly. This is important because phone conversations are based almost solely on two voices interacting.

Make sure to listen to a recording of your greeting, there is a good chance a number of people will hear it. If something sounds a little bit off, you may want to think of ways to say things differently. You can change the way you greet people often and this can provide some flexibility. If people are responding positively to one type of greeting more than others, you may want to stick with this greeting. Going with what works is beneficial.

Take care not to give too much identifying information right away. It is good to get to know people before letting them know all of your personal details. Some people even wait until after they meet up with someone for the first few times before sharing.

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