Active listening is a skill that all people need to make others feel comfortable and heard. You can use active listening skills to your advantage in work, with your family and friends and in dating situations. Active listening is one of the most important skills to obtain and use when being an active member of the phone dating community. This is because it can truly make someone feel like you’re interested in what he has to say and it can also allow for new phone friendships to grow. You can truly build friendships and make people really appreciate the time and energy you put into your phone relationship. It can also show others how to do the same for you. The more we truly listen to one another and hear each other rather than waiting for the time to speak next, the stronger our bonds will be.

The chat lines never close down so you can talk and listen to guys talk on the chat lines whenever it's convenient for you. Practice and cultivate your active listening skills and develop great phone friendships. Talk about whatever interests you and learn from others in the community. Experience phone sex and learn what you want based off deep conversations with others. There are no limits on what kind of relationships you can build over the chat lines. The guys on the chat lines tend to be unique, fun, and direct. Explore whatever you want and build genuine connections easily.

Another perk that comes with active listening is that you can find out if you are in alignment with the other guy. The more you know, the more information you have to make a determination. There may be a time when you and a guy on the chat lines are not a good fit or don’t find anything in common. In that instance, it’s totally fine to drop the call and speak with someone new. Just say your goodbyes and hang up and redial the chat lines whenever you’re ready.