Have you met someone on the chat lines that you get along with swimmingly? Good for you. There are many amazing men and so much to talk about and explore. It’s actually easy to find someone to connect with over the chat lines because the phone dating community is filled with people who got exhausted from other kinds of dating that didn’t work out due to the often flaky nature of how other formats of dating happens to currently be. An example of this is online dating, because it’s slightly detached and calls for messaging back and forth, it’s sometimes hard to determine how much someone likes you. You also have to wait for messages and with phone dating you are instantly connected with a single guy and can talk right away.

If you are ready to take things to the next level with your phone friend, may as well ask him if he wants to meet in-person. If you get turned down, it’s not a big deal as there are hundreds of men on the chat lines, if you really want to eventually meet a guy in-person, you can always try again with someone new. The easiest way to find out if your phone friend would like to meet in-person is by direct communication. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. And if he says no, you can always ask why. If he says yes, then great! You can start a conversation about where and when you want to meet and what you would like to do with one another.

You can be casual for the first meet up by choosing a place like a cafe or restaurant and if it goes well, you can take it from there and both decide what to do next. So don’t worry too much about the outcome, just ask because then you can decide to do what’s best for you.