Many guys have already got rid of their interactions with online dating and blind dating because of the often unfortunate flakiness and bad experiences. The phone dating community is filled with single gay men who know what they want and how to be direct on the phone. There's no wasting others time and if you are not on the same page with the guy you're speaking with, you can say bye, hang up the call and connect with someone new as soon as your ready.

Let's talk facts: 1. Blind dating – you are usually set up with a blind date through a friend or family member and typically don't know much about this random stranger. Many of the times a straight friend of yours thinks that just because you're both gay that you'll get along and make an excellent pair. How untrue this seems to always be! When you meet the person you are set up with, you either don't have anything in common or you are just not attracted to one another. At best, you can make a friend but that’s only if you’re lucky. Also, there are times that you get ready for your blind date and he never shows up. How rude!

2. Online dating- usually it's just a bunch of exchanges of dick pics and there's nothing wrong with that but many men tend to flake out when it comes to online dating and never show up for the actual date. There’s as much spanking material as we want but just a tease when it comes down to the act. You also can't really meet someone that's into more than just playing around online.

3. Phone dating- meet hot single guys and talk about whatever you want! It's the obvious choice in terms of dating. The guys are genuine and after a phone date or two, you can meet in-person and take it from there!